Sailing the East Coast of South Africa (Part 1)

In a few weeks from now I will “desert” my lovely family yet again to embark on a mile building voyage.  The worst is that our departure is 2400km from home and on my lovely wife’s birthday.  That is why I can’t say for sure whether I can weather the storms in the run up to the start. That of disappointing my lovely wife and leaving my son for so many days at sea. Our departure is planned for middle March from the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town.  We will sail to Mosselbay around Cape Point then further south around Cape Agulhas, the Southern most tip of Africa.  This stretch of sea is notorious for its stroms, current and challenges.  The likes of Bernard Moitessier, Joshua Slocum and Bartolomeu Dias has rounded the Cape of Storms, the latter having perrished during a return trip.  There are many shipwrecks around the coast and some of these skeletons still mark the coastline.


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Why am I doing this?  Well, you cannot sail the SA coast without a skippers licence, the minimum being the Coastal Skippers.  To enroll for this coarse you need:
• 15 days on board as skipper or watch captain
• At least 8 full periods of 24 hours included in sea time
• 48 hours night watch-keeping
• 800 miles logged in tidal waters in the open sea
• At least 3 passages of 70 miles or more

Opportunities like this does not come often and with my inland bound work, very difficult to fit in.

I will update our progress and write about wheathering that first storm.





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