Early Years

2006-August 023What an awesome year!  Firstly let me introduce you … This is my first blog entry.  My name is Charlotte, mom to Hugh and wife to Kobus … We are sitting outside in the lovely shaded Wanderers in the Highveld snacking away and looking back at some wonderful memories made in Cape Town.  Where o’ where has the time gone?  The happiest day of my life besides getting married was when Hugh was born.  My late mom’s birthday was on 7 January and we were expecting our bundle of joy on due date being 6 January.  Our little miracle in that my mom was taken, however, 2 years later we were given.  Without going in too much detail about the actual birth, the “head” was the most difficult.  Eventually I asked the midwife how much longer.  She cut a snip of hair and showed me that’s how close.  Just as our bundle of joy was being born, Kobus saw 2 white doves on the balcony of the birthing unit and I heard the midwife cry:  “It’s a boy, it’s a boy”.

From the beginning Hugh was a typical Montessori baby.  Kobus and I loved eating out and still do, and we would often go to a restaurant and Hugh would sit and play quite contently with the little salt and pepper pots.  He would play with twigs and leaves to his little hearts content and then it would evidently end up as a gift for his mom, just like a cat would bring home “gifts” of love like dead birds, little snakes etc.  Although it took the “normal” amount of time to walk and potty train, Hugh started chatting at a very very young age, way before 18 months of age.  Hugh’s very first word was “more” when being fed by Kobus.  Hugh  would speak of a “cupholder” and chat away in full sentences, able to have extremely meaningful discussions.   … more about our son’s name, next time …

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