What’s in a name?

2006-August 024Before the birth of our son, Kobus and I established a trust, named “The CKH Trust”.  It seemed to roll off the tongue so nicely.  The “C” stood for my name, Charlotte,  the driving force behind everything, The “K” stood for Kobus, the intellectual force.  At that stage we had no “H” as yet.  Knowing that we soon would be a family, we had to decide on a name for our little miracle and it would have to start with a … yes, you guessed it, a “H”.  If it were a little girl, I was set on the name “Hope” and for a little boy, we decided on the name “Hugh”!  Kobus wanted to spell the name “Hue” but I was of the opinion that people would think we couldn’t spell.  On 6 January 2005 at 17:08 Hugh was born.  Needless to say the “H” stood for Hugh, the humorous force.

A little bit more of Hugh’s sense of humour, next time …

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