One and Only

Being an only child could sometimes be a little lonely and lead to selfishness.  Hugh on the other hand, has his bread buttered on both sides, probably has a bit of jam in between …

I had a very different childhood.  I had a brother and although never had to share a bedroom or clothing or shoes, I mostly had to wear blue so that my younger brother could later wear my jacket.  As one can imagine, I had a lot of blue clothing.  My favourite colour these days … pink.  Growing up with a sibling still taught me to share and I remember when at the age of about 7, going to the shops with my mom and asking for a sweet for my brother as well.

Well, Hugh has learned along the way, thanks to Montessori, how to share.  It was never taught to him, it came from within.  He now can share and show kind gestures when at school with his friends during the week and on weekends can be on his own.  Being on one’s own does not have to mean being lonely, one is just alone.  There is a big difference!

Why only one child one may ask?  Some are of the opinion that it is selfish on the part of us, his parents.  Some might think it wise.  Well, after being married for 7 years, we made peace with the fact that we would not have a child at all.

For 5 of the 7 years we had Boxers.  This type of breed of dog brings a lot of joy to one.  They thought they were children.  They make for fantastic company and if treated well, can live beyond their life span of 8 human years of age.  Bullet and Babushca each came from a different farm and had a liter of pups.  They were 3 months apart.  Bullet died at the age of 12 human years.  Sadly 3 months later, also at the age of 12 human years, Babushca “crossed over”.

Then a mere few months later, I thought I was about to die.  I battled and was out of breath when climbing a couple of stairs.  I was craving pears, a fruit that I rarely ever eat.  After a simple visit to the GP, the great news had to sink in … I was 6 weeks pregnant … When Hugh was 3 years of age, towards mid-year in 2008, due to my family having a strong cancer gene, I had myself tested for the BRACA 1 and 2 genes.  My aunt passed away at a young age of 52.  My mom passed away strangely also at the age of 52.  My cousin developed breast cancer at a very young age.  Another cousin passed away at 42.  I felt mature enough to have the test and decided that should the outcome not be favourable, I would need to take drastic measures.  Should I be in the clear, well, yay bloody yay.

Although somewhat prepared, the outcome was still a blow.  I would eventually get breast cancer – no telling how long but it would definitely happen … I remember getting the news quite by accident, the manner in which I received the news, the emotions I felt as if it happened just yesterday.  More about this next time.

PS – here’s hoping I get a positive comment or 2 to motivate my next blog post  …

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