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The aim is to get to sea, but life does present you with unwelcome surprises every now and then and it is so easy to be side-tracked or distracted. My car, for example, is giving me more trouble than I would have liked and so we discussed the necessity to maybe replace it with something more reliable (hmm, spot the paradox). This means, I would end-up paying more for a new car than I was prepared to pay for a yacht.  Now that would be a set-back, wouldn’t it? Come to think of it, the one I let go recently still haunts me.

I am sitting here writing this post and it is almost as if I have an audience out there reading this, people who might even jump in with some advice and support as to how one should remain focussed on the goal. I have been following blogs which boasts thousands of views where advice is abundant but a reality check says, “hey buddy, you are only busy talking to yourself, don’t look for answers where there are none, the footprints on this website are your own.”

This is where you become all spiritual and say in a meditative inner voice: “the answer is within”. So, here it is, NOTE TO SELF: Step one – Complete your East Coast Cruise, 1100 NM under your belt, Step 2, Buy a boat, Step 3, get your Coastal and Yachtmaster tickets on your own boat, Step 5, sail local waters for 3 years, Step 6, Consider boat schooling, Step 7, Retire and get out there.

Some don’ts: No new cars, no new gadgets unless it is a nautical almanac and a sextant! As Skip Novak puts it: “Keep it simple and let’s have some tea”.


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