“Weathering the storm”

2008 Was a very stormy year all in all – financially it was a battle as for most.  We had to sell a few investment properties and very quickly.  For a while it was very rocky and not smooth sailing at all, excuse the pun!  It got a little worse.  I was being retrenched and unfairly at that.  Well, after winning the whole battle which was not only emotionally draining but mentally as well, worse news was on the horizon.  I ended up with mumps and whilst at the doctor, he told me as a matter of fact, the test results for the BRACA 1 and 2 testing had come back.  This was quite unexpected.  At the time I remember being quite alone and unprepared.  I had the genes for breast cancer and it was just a matter of time.  This felt like a ticking time bomb for me and the biggest wave yet that I had to ride.  Kobus was very supportive and held my hand all the way but I had to emerge from the unknown void.  The turmoil was taking place within.

It was crunch time and I had to make a decision as to my future knowing that it would affect the lives of my husband and son.  By end November 2008 I had the first preventative operation.  After surgery and the removal of both breasts, the surgeon told me that there were signs of my tissue already changing.  This was a very very painful operation in that one cannot lift ones arms above one’s head.  A few months later, after the expansion procedure, I had the second operation where they did the silicone implants.

By February 2009 I had a full hysterectomy.  I was taking no prisoners and meant business.  My husband and mom-in-law as well as my dad were my incredible support system.  A friend in Cape Town sent me flowers and I felt very blessed.  Hugh was 4 at the time and very understanding for his young age.  He said that he understood and he would rather have me live than brothers or sisters, which was a huge burden off my shoulders.  If I took the risk and not had the operations, I would not be here, typing this blog this evening – of this I am very certain.  It was definite … I had the necessary preventative measures and we could not have any more children. So it came about that Kobus and I have 1 son.  He is an absolute blessing and a joy in our lives.  He is humorous and mature for his age and such a little gift from above.  He came just in the knick of time and we could not have had our lives pan out any better, had it been planned to a tee.

I can now look back fondly on the past with the knowledge that it all worked out well in the end.  After a call from a colleague of Kobus one evening, I sent my CV and went for the interview at one of the biggest shopping centres in Gauteng.  More about this next time.

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