If it’s broken sell it!

I wrote recently about staying focused. Well things now got to a stage where the course is set. The upkeep of my vehicle has reached that critical turning point where, unfortunately it is no longer feasible to carry on, so the time has come to replace it. The decision is made and the boat must wait, Lady Foresight did not reveal herself to me early enough and Mr. Hindsight…………, well he is being his usual self.

In order to keep the dream alive, I have set a cap on my expense for a new vehicle. We jointly took it even further and decided to keep it simple and basic. If the car needs diagnostics to find a fault, don’t buy it. Now, to cater for our needs, we needed something to throw the bikes on, handle bad and dirt roads, can bash through where it can’t drive through. Everyone knows where you end up when you start shopping for something that can do all these things. But let me tell you all of those options, need “diagnostics”. It just so happens that there is something on the market I can reasonably live with and here she is:

bolero-dc-arctic-whiteNow you can see there is probably not a more uncomfortable, ugly looking bakkie (pick-up) than this little beast. For starters it does not have a radio, probably no electronics, manual gearbox and just a very very ugly thing.   To save my family the embarrassment we are going to change it a bit and hopefully it will end up looking a bit like this:


Hope this will be more acceptable to our palate.

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Its all in a days work
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