Its all in a days work

After the week I have had, I could write a book but instead I am going to attempt this blog post.  If you want to make my day, please leave a positive comment (wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge).

So after another week of being in meetings, answering telephone calls, typing up minutes, chasing up on outstanding items, “working for one’s salary” i.e. being part of the “rat race”, my heart now truly and dearly longs for the ocean.  The freedom of setting sail, packing up and just saying goodbye to all and yonder, seems like a fantastic solution to the current every day lifestyle.  BUT then reality sets in … what about our son’s schooling, what about not getting paid at the end of the month, what about the uncertainty and then my other half says, “really, life is too short – live a little”.  Here I am sitting opposite Kobus, hearing Hugh playing outside on his trampoline and seeing Daisy running around.  It’s her birthday by the way and today she is 4 human years old.  Having a braai and enjoying the early evening tranquility with my 2 boys after a very busy week in Joburg – a solid existence … My heart yearns for the ocean and setting sail to a far off country or even better yet, a beautiful island, experiencing the culture and food and just being with my 2 boys … with no worries of tomorrow, is more appealing by far …

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and peaceful weekend!

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