Physical education and those in the know(?)

If you have virtually 0% fat on your body only muscle will tone the skeleton.  If you don’t have a super muscle structure you sit with Hugh’s problem, a problem fat boys get away with.  In our politically correct world a fat person is often viewed as being muscular.  So, on this trend we were told early on that Hugh lacks muscle development and at school today he still scores low on physical education assessments due to lack of muscle coordination.  I however, have a strong inclination to have a word with the school, because the photographic physical evidence tells me a different story.




Hugh exercises 15 hours a week, two hours Karate and we are looking forward to him grading to brown belt this year, 3 hours cycling where he gives me a good go and 6 hours gymnastics, and at least 3 hours on the trampoline at home.  At school they have physical ed for say one hour a week.


I would like to believe that you need above average hand eye coordination doing karate, cycling and gymnastics and sometimes wonder what inducement teachers have to come to unfathomable conclusions.

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