2016 – The year of cars

Well, it seems that an opportunity has presented itself in that although not planned, it took a matter of 4 days for my car to be  sold.  Now I find myself buying a brand new car.  Staying with the same make but upgrading the model.   Not at all planned, it has just happened.  The decision has been made to choose a 1.5 instead of a 1.2 thus an increase in the purchasing of the motor vehicle.  It seems as if the price keeps going up and up with an “extra” this and and “extra that.  At some point one has to put one’s foot down, so to speak as the red flag is being raised.  The question asked is does one want to simply get from point A to B, does one one to get from point A to B in style or will one end up having to walk from point A to B?  Well, my birthday is coming up and I am feeling a little tense and on edge.  Another year has passed, more time has lapsed and am I a little close to my dream?  I have reached the stage where I want to get from point A to B in style, not just simply reach my destination.  Whether I am going to be sailing shortly is another matter though because now I am a little more in debt again, being reeled in by the motor vehicle sharks, a carrot dangling in front of me as bait.  Am I going to be caught or am I going to swim away.  I think I’m going to be caught … again for the next 5 years.

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