2016 – Year of the cars2 (caught hook line and sinker)

Well, after quite some time, I have decided to write another blog (yet to receive a nice positive comment).

This has been so unplanned that it is scary but sometimes not planning is key and pans out well in the end.

I was starting to think that my 2007 motor vehicle has been getting a little dated and may need to be traded in.  Like all great ladies, the old “biological” clock was ticking so to speak and the speedometer was almost striking a 100 000 k’s.  Although still running extremely well and without any hiccups unfortunately with age comes eventual problems.  On the upside it would be nice driving in elegance, with a colour of choice and just loving the experience but on the downside, instalments instalments instalments … for the next 60 months.

On a Saturday morning, 2 weeks before my birthday, we happened to come across a very interested buyer.  Well I had a buyer so I had to get a car – only logical …  And that is how it happened.  My car was sold before I knew it and now I am driving in elegance since my birthday.  Yes, driving a 2016 model Honda Jazz, Elegance with the colour of my choice.  It does feel good …


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