East Coast Cruise (Part 5)

The trip from Mossel Bay was an adventure.  Leaving Mossel Bay a day later sent us off to a coastal cruise with enough excitement.  I arrived late afternoon on 23rd and spent the day milling around the harbor restaurants, yacht club and boat.  The yacht club does not offer too much but the ablutions are not too bad.  The restaurants around the harbor are rustic and social.  Shortly after dark “Kaai Braai” (translated means Quay Barbecue) turned very festive with lots of foreign travelers having bear and a meal.


Another spot was Sea Gypsy which served a good breakfast and an average seafood meal.  Prices were not too bad.  The red bus take out had Calamari for R37 ($2.30).


It did start to rain and while the locals were very pleased with it after their drought I did not feel the same affliction to the blessings from heaven.  It came during the night without warning.  With all the hatches open our sleeping mattresses got soaked and remained so for the rest of our trip.

Last minute scrambles had us run around on a public holiday for a new battery.  The boat would not start and we jumped it with the help of a generous fisherman in the next berth.  We had a bouncy getaway and the first victims fell to sea sickness.  We motored a lot and  a few hours later the engine stalled.  Air was entering the fuel line.  The skipper was the only one who could manage the nausea  and worked in the engine compartment for hours.  I only recovered late night in time for the first watch.  The three hours went well and my sea sickness were manageable. Shortly after I retired  the wind came up with a vengeance and the activity on deck faded in the background of an upset sea.  I had no care knowing the guys on watch were capable.

A lovely sunset the next evening lifted everyone’s spirit except for to crew members who could not shake the sea sickness and suffered the rest of the trip.  The winds were light and we took the tender off the fore deck to allow us space to fly the spinnaker.  This never happened though.


In total the fisherman caught 12 good sized fish and yellow fin tuna landed like birds.  We had sushi, seered and barbecued tuna.  And while we did that we had heaven in our reigns.  It looked as if there was a lot of love around but the photo below with the chin hug was only for balance.  Skipper is on the right.


We lost shoes, a bucket and a gaff over board but the excitement in catching these beauties made up plenty.

IMG_7191 IMG_7188 IMG_7182 IMG_7173

Feet up in the port of East Londen, man I am looking forward to my next leg from Durban to Port Elizabeth!  Until later.

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