Weekend away

A quick breakaway to Borakalalo Nature Reserve in the North West Province.  The few photo’s I took does not justify the abundance of wildlife you will come across.  We were very lazy in this sense and did not have the patience to wait for hippo’s and crocodiles to show their heads or leopard to appear.  Kudu, giraffe, Impala and birdlife were abundant.  The baboons and monkeys can be a bit of a nuisance in the camp but as long as you keep your food stowed you’re ok.


We stayed in a tented camp because we did not have the space and time to pack and pitch our own tent.  The facilities were a bit run down and it obviously needs a caring hand and good management.  It is easy to see that the camps had their glory days and it is such a pity that the authorities have replaced competent management.  While private lodges offer game rides, walking safaris and cycling routes it is clear that the government run park is not keeping up with the times.  I have not inquired into poaching controls and dangers but there were no evident dangers.

The positive side is that you could do your own game drives at your own leisure but the heat kept us in the pool which was surprisingly clean.  Maybe the few visitors ensured the general cleanliness.  We stayed in Pfudufudu camp but Moretele camp looked really run down.  So glad we did not opt for that camp.


Some wildebees scattering away after basking in the sun.  Almost as lazy as us.

IMG_7203This dam was built in 1970 and it is here were crocodile, hippos and fisherman converge.


The braaimaster kept us from being hungry while we could just laze in the sun.


…and the lapa ended a splendid evening.

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