Interim decisions

I had this brilliant idea.  We live so far from the coast and there are no big lakes around.  We have a couple of dams but who wants to buy a yacht and put it on a dam when the sea is calling.  Yes, ok there are plenty of dam sailors out there but to wander is to be with the ocean.  Ok, so what do we do on this inland situation?  We buy a Hobie!  Not too expensive and a lot of fun.  This weekend we will be renting a Hobie to try it out.  Benefits,…. it teaches all points of sail, tacking and gibing and more.   The world’s best sailors started on dinghies and for that, a dam is big enough, almost like an ocean.

I had a look at a Hobie yesterday (pre-owned), and will be looking at another tonight and there is another prospect coming later this week.  Let’s see where this takes us….

Keep you posted

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