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We went camping this weekend.  We drove 660km south to a little town called Orania.  There has been a lot of media coverage about this dorpie, mostly negative, and we thought to have a look ourselves after following their Facebook page.

Orania is an Afrikaner-only South African town.  Our country’s constitution makes provision for self determination and this privately owned land is the only land area exercising this right.  For the Afrikaner who goes there to experience the atmosphere and surroundings it is a place to relax and to be free.  I have also felt this during my stay but there was something more,  a re-connect with my history.  Despite the negative things being said about our past there are parts of this history that is being deliberately concealed.  We are predominantly a peaceful nation which is demonstrated by the negotiated processes we have employed throughout history. Despite the murder of Piet Retief for example, this nation never took revenge, it merely successfully defended itself against the mighty Dingaan army later on.  This was done by means of a solemn oath repeated daily to the Almighty prior to the attack on them.

I cannot tell you how good it felt to be reminded of this.  I have heard so much about how bad we were that I started believing it myself.  I now, yet again, experience the pride I once felt for my own nation.  This is the biggest thing I took away and I can tell anyone on earth, and I defy those who disagrees, that God smiles fondly upon the Afrikaner.

Newcomers or visitors often say their decision to move to Orania was motivated by a desire to escape the violent crime prevalent in the rest of the country which might be true today.  It is a secure environment with no need to lock house doors but these are not the principles on which the town was founded.  It remains a place for self determination living by the principles of the Divine Trinity seeking to determine its own future.


This is also exactly what we found and even more.  We found a friendly place where children play freely in the streets, where vehicles are left unlocked and a complete feeling of relaxation.  One man told us that he preferred leaving his keys in his car because that ensured that he never loses it.  Another visitor commented that reservations asked them whether they wanted keys to their chalet.  Finding it odd, they asked why not.  The answer was that people usually don’t ask for keys.  You have to be a South African to understand this and the constant state of alertness you need to be in as well as the fear most people live in daily, when living outside the boundaries of Orania.  If you are in the wrong place or alone, you WILL be murdered, if you let your guard down your possessions will be stolen.  You have to invest huge amounts on personal protection and security.  Despite this constant state of danger you do get to enjoy yourself because you have learnt about survival.

IMG_1730There is a lot to say for this town and it is growing rapidly with immediate plans in place to turn it into a city.  Would I move to this arid little town (without a sea)?  If I could make a living there, ……in a heartbeat.

This completely deserted town was bought by the Orianiers and developed into a self sustaining economy, a phnomenal feat in my book.  This is a places for people willing to role up their sleeves and work!

All white South Africans are descendants from Europe where they are no longer welcome, however there are supporters in various countries abroad who support the Orania movement.  They become members by donating R50 ($3.13) a month in support of this wonderful cause for self determination.

I too was a believer in the rainbow nation, but sadly this land, after 20 years is yet again suffering from racist laws. This time racism is practiced by means of racial quotas, which are prevalent in every sector of our life, this time the whites are at the brunt of it and liberals relish in the thought that it is well deserved. While the elite among the majority enjoy the instant rise to riches without qualifications, skill or effort, the country has become poorer in many ways.

My son is only 11, if he is lucky only 30% of white applicants are admitted into universities.  The implication is that he needs to have straight “A’s” to be admitted into university compared to the 40% pass mark for the privileged majority.  My first lesson in racism to him was to explain why he could not allow himself the same results as his friend of African decent.  His friend can get into university with a 40% pass mark, he can’t.

Then there is also the complete attack against my language stripping me from one of my greatest loves. I am raising my son as an Englishman, he does not harbour my love for my language and my people.  I spared him that pain.

While political role players do their thing, the people of Orania are enjoying a peaceful atmosphere with excellent schools in wonderful safety and the language of their birth.  Every holiday, all accommodation is booked out, because visitors to Orania gets a chance to experience that wonderful thing called, freedom.

This is a link to the Orania website: http://www.orania.co.za/welcome-to-orania/


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When our weekend came to an end we decided to take the gravel road home.  We were not ready for the rat race.  We covered hundreds of kilometres on gravel, stopped for photographs and picnic.  The road was long with many a winding turn…




Busy teaching my son to drive.  We dropped Charlotte off 1km ahead, turned around and approached again for a photo sessions.  Pure delight when he saw his mom’s surprise as to who is behind the wheel.




Cheers folks!

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