It happens

In a moment of indiscretion or impatience or frustration, it happens.  So it did.  So we took the Hobie to Baja Dam and arrived late morning for a sail.  It took a while to rig the boat up.  Lifting the mast was a challenge again but we worked out a new technique which will make things easier next time round, if there is one.  We hit the water midday and went out on a beam reach.  We let the sails out wide to keep the boat flat on the water.  Easy going at a nice speed.  We did a few gybes and sailed on nicely.  There was time for some iPhone 6 photo’s putting it safely back in the ziplock bag.  When it came time to head back I could not manage a tack.  Thinking back afterwards I knew I had my sail trim wrong (done in fear of a trapeze).  Frustration kicked in and after a few failed tacks I turned the boat in a gybe at speed and felt us sinking from the force.  In no time we were in the water, iPhone in the rug sack floating away.  I don’t want to relive those moments again by writing about it now, but my son’s tears “Dad…. Is this the end for us?” was a bit amusing but shame, I did feel sorry for him. The water was icy and our attempts to right the boat did not bare fruit.  Usually there are 3 mistakes a person makes in failing to right a Hobie.  I learnt later that I made all three mistakes.

It was getting late and finally help arrived.  A very generous gentleman helped me to get the boat up after it went completely turtle and dislodged its mast.  In the mean time the skipper took my wife and child to the club house.   Once on shore another generous owner drove me to the clubhouse to fetch my vehicle and trailer.  We had the boat tide onto the trailer just as darkness fell.

I am now recovering from a lower back ache but after a few more physio treatments I should be ok again.  Insurance have replaced my phone since and the Hobie has been repaired from a little damage sustained.   Waiting for warmer whether and next time I leave the boat behind.  Watch out for it on OLX or eBay.

PS. There are no photo’s for obvious reasons.

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