Mozambique Part 2

Ok so, we arrived in Tofo late the evening of 16 December 2016 in heavy rain.

For those who like to see it on a map, try this link:’s+Nest/@-23.8384139,35.3433772,33342m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x1f21dd132ed5ed35:0x21eecf45cdf35869!8m2!3d-23.8513315!4d35.5433866?hl=en

Some photo’s en-route was taken when Charlotte felt a bit more relaxed and could let go of her grip on the dashboard to take a photo.

Remember to take cash!  And! get you sim cards at the border.

We were very nervous about driving on the designated 4×4 routes with our 4×2 Bolero, especially since we were towing a boat.  We had to put it to the test and so we did.  I uploaded this little clip to Youtube, hope the link works, leave a comment if it doesn’t.

Not to be too distracted though, Hugh just sneaked in a brown belt grading before we left on holiday, reckon he felt quite good about that.

And of course the two of us needed to get the year over, I in particular felt quite grave.

I have mentioned Fatima’s backpackers in my previous post but it is worth a further mention.  It is a lovely place to meet up and also to meet new people.  We met a lovely couple both doctors working for “Doctors without borders” and on our return to Tofo from Vilanculos we met up with our other new found friends Drikus and Tehila (hope he asks her to marry him).  The town is lovely and if you are looking for a holiday vibe then this is the place to stay.  Live music can be heard throughout the night and pop-up restaurants are everywhere. Wonderful, wonderful place.  We had ourselves tailored trousers made at the market and bought some t-shirts and food.


Now girls, if you ever meet up with a bearded guy, know that he is a keeper, don’t let go!  I mean just look at them, bloody handsome.  These two were not 100% happy with their accommodation in Vilanculos because it did not have a pool!  I can tell you, if you threw a feather from their balcony it would have fallen into the ocean.  That being the pool we prefer.  Set them on the right road quickly.  If you ever meet up with them, don’t let Drikus invite you to a glass of rum, be warned, he can slaughter a barrel of rum.

Next time we will update you on Vilanculos, what we did for Christmas presents and the lovely places we frequented.

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    1. Only a pleasure, and you friend is welcome to pose further questions, there is a wonderful support group for South Africans entering Mozambique who will provide live support. Perhaps you can score another free lunch.

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