Mozambique Part 3

Leaving Tofo, rather reluctantly, it was a mere 4 hour relaxed drive to Vilanculos.

Before leaving for Mozambique, we heard so many warnings about corrupt officials and harassment by them.  As a foreign visitor you may not be used to being stopped and asked for identification while on the road but this is quite standard in Mozambique and we felt comforted by the good police presence every few kilometers.  At no time were we threatened or felt threatened and were always met with friendly and neat officials.  I am convinced that it is all about your attitude towards the country you are visiting.  Obey the traffic rules, greet the officials and try a few words in Portuguese. Admittedly there were two hints on our return voyage, one on a remote road to the Swaziland border and one at that border.  I viewed this merely as a friendly attempt to score a bit.  I had no resistance when I said I had no food to offer and we chatted a bit longer and parted with waives and smiles.

Below are a few photographs of our condo in Mozambique.  Duke certainly delivered on his promise.  Our only regret was that we did not book for longer in the condo and rather elected to camp for the second half of our stay.  Here is a link to their site: 

IMG_5210 (1024x768)

We enjoyed wonderful food both in town as well as at “home”.  Maria, who made sure our place were kept clean and our beds made were very helpful and assisted me with advice where needed.  At times I dirtied some dishes right after she had cleaned it but never hesitated to take a dirty dish from me to wash it again with a smile.

Although the sailing conditions were great my family did not want to join me.  The locals however were more than keen to join me so I settled for that and a huge language barrier plus zero sailing knowledge, just to have an extra weight should I be needing to right the boat again.


In our wisdom we thought it would be fine to downgrade to a budget accommodation for 10 days by living in our tent.  This ended up to be a challenge.  Apart from the heat we had a fly problem that spoilt any attempt at relaxing or eating.  We decided to rather pack up after a few days and searched for alternative accommodation.  We did not want to remain in a situation where we wished our holiday to end.  At home Charlotte wrote a friendly note to Duke commenting about the fly problem we experienced and that we decided to leave much earlier.  Duke reimbursed us without hesitation for our entire camping stay (R5000).  He replied that they received our comment with great concern and conducted a full investigation into the problem.  He confirmed that they identified the source of the problem and had since resolved it.  We can therefore highly recommend the camping site as well.  The facilities are very clean and the entire terrain has wonderful planting and lawns.  The security was well in place and our belongings were all safely guarded.  As an added benefit coconuts, and pawpaw is there to be picked!


While being based at the Island View resort we frequented town daily to visit the markets and restaurants.  Next time I will write about the lovely times we had enjoying the little town.



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