April – Long weekend

Hi all, we had a few public holidays to play with starting on Thursday, so by putting leave in for Friday we could extend our break until Monday.

As usual we took the opportunity to visit our cabin in Bronkhorstspruit. We were so lazy this weekend we didn’t even take the kayaks out of the cabin let a lone rig the Hobie!

We did however finish a few projects, the first one was the table I built for the outside area. Below is a photo with the first meal that was served on it.

We also shopped for a little wood burning stove for winter.  I assembled it outside temporarily and got it going, it helps to get rid of unwanted paint or other smells.  Most of all we are going to be needing something to fight cold Highveld temperatures in winter and I think this little addition is going to do the just fine and as you can see below autumn is upon us.

We also visited the Nan Hua Buddhist temple, mainly to get something to eat.  The place has a wonderful serenity about it and we enjoy visiting it during the Chinese new year.

Then of course there were the awesome sunsets to enjoy in the evenings.

Between the campfires and guests visiting us we did not have time for any sailing, or maybe there was, but the cabin for now, gave us more than enough enjoyment.

To all our guests on this site, visit and support us on www.patreon.com/capetoeverywhere, we are hoping for miracles and adventure of a lifetime.

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