The Retro Cafe & Motel

We went to my good friend’s Wedding this weekend and stayed over at the Metro Cafe & Motel.  Have a look at their Facebook link:

What a lovely stay, we would highly recommend this breakaway near Pretoria if you decide to head that direction.

dining retro motel2
dining retro motel

We did not have much time to linger too long because Hugh had a sleep over and we needed to pick him up.  I would have loved to sit by the pool.

retro pool2
retro pool1

If you love the 50’s then the Retro Museum is for a treasure trove.  Photo’s of Elvis and so many memorabilia that will keep you there for hours.  The museum should have a coffee lounge because there is so much to see that you would definitely need to sit down every hour or so.

retro museum2
retro museum1

We slept in the Harley Davidson room and our bedpost were adorned with a massive Harley Headboard.  I dreamed of tar roads and iron muscle.

retro me
retro harley
retro bed
retro windpomp


retro garden2
retro garden1


outside retro3
outside retro2
outside retro1
dining retro motel

If you had to ask us whether we would want to go back…..the answer would be tomorrow!

I wish the owners would comment and tell us how and when they started this lovely retreat.

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2 thoughts on “The Retro Cafe & Motel

  1. Thank you Kobus, for the kind words after the unexpected and short stay!!
    My husband Thomas has always been besotted with anything from the 50’s and has immediately started collecting on arrival in South Africa in 1987 from Frankfurt, Germany. We have initially stayed in a house on a 500m2 property in an estate, but needless to say, quickly ran out of space! He’s the collector (much to my aggravation at times, as we don’t have any more space!!), and since I dislike clutter, the decor is up to me, to make all the pieces work together in an eclectic mix!!
    We bought our house, the 1st one we saw, in 2007. It is an old cow stable which was converted into a house by the previous owners. Initially all the collectables were just stored in the museum, but in 2012 my friend asked whether we could host her daughter’s wedding. We the moved all the furniture and cabinets into their place and expanded the stoep area and, as they say, the rest is history!
    We have since then gradually tweaked, changed, added and increased the property (and still do – we are currently adding another 2 themed bedrooms). The B&B, which we started operating in 2014, has 4 rooms (all themed).
    The rooms are meant to be a retreat, thus we do not have TV’s in the rooms and Wi-Fi only available on request, and mostly for businessman.
    One of Thomas’ many hobbies is gardening, hence the beautiful garden and 2500m2 cacctii garden. The pool was the latest addition and completed in December 2015. It is a wetland pool, filtered only by sand, stones and plants – the water is amazing, like silk on the skin and drinkable!

    Please view our website on to see more on the functions we host. Really hope to see you soon!

    1. We are sure to return, and it looks as though we are not the only ones to enjoy your venue. We tried to book a function but it looks as though the weekends were booked out. I love the concept and the offering and would almost want to ask whether you would franchise, but then again it might just ruin what you have so long worked for. Well done!

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