Silent World

In our country a racial war is on the rise while the government turns its back.  One attack a day on white farmers, each man woman and child murdered on the land of their birth.  Attacks in suburban areas are increasing while politicians make statements in no uncertain terms that there is no place for a white man in this country.

South African farm attacks – Wikipedia

The South African farm attacks are an ongoing trend of violent attacks on farmers in South Africa. Between 1994 and March 2012, there had been 361,015 murders in all of South Africa and between 1990 and March 2012, there had been 1,544 murders on South African farms of which 208 of the victims were black. … A spike in violent attacks on farmers in February 2017 led to one of the …










We can only assume that the world condones these murders and agree that people of a certain race should not be in South Africa no matter if it is the land of their birth.

If you asked people in this country if they would leave if they could, their answer would be: “In a heartbeat”.

Any takers!?  A family of three is searching and all they need is a mooring and an opportunity to send their child to school and university.

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