Sourdough Bread and the Humanure project

Even though the Youtube videos gives you a step by step guide to baking wonderful sourdough bread, some people, like me, bakes up one disaster after the other.  The composting bin tells the tale, the place where my sourdough bread ends up in its final resting place.  

Two or three bread loaves found their way into the composting bin where it will be disposed of in the Humanure composter.

Progress on the composter is good and the over the top unit will soon unveil some interesting and unusual features.

The compost chamber on the right is already in use and filling up slowly.  I need to get a thermometer to monitor the heat buildup inside but there is so many projects on the go at the moment and many being planned.

The vegetable patch has produced its first cucumber harvest.  We have pickled them and they should be ready soon.  The Kombucha trial went well and we consumed the loveliest bubbly fizzy Kombucha.  The next batch is busy fermenting and should be ready for the second fermentation on Sunday.

Four raised beds were prepared for another vegetable patch and more importantly for 13 different garlic varieties I will be planting this weekend, just in time before autumn strikes when the growing process will start.  Some of my garlic cloves bought at the grocery store has also shown good growth and those will be monitored.  Onion and broccoli beads will be prepared and I will be writing about lessons learnt from my pumpkin patch.

I will also be posting about a rocket mass heater I am planning to build but there is great hesitance.  I must first find a way to build a mini version to make sure it will work but I will be posting sketches of the planned unit soon.

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