Exit Plan update

We have noticed a small growing number of subscribers to our website.  Unfortunately we never hear from them, which is a pity because we are not sure if our content appeals.

In the months to come we will try to update you on our progress regards to our Exit Plan.  So many outcomes could steer us on a different course. 

Last night we received a message from friends of friends who took a couple, emigrating to Panama, to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.  Stuck with Visa problems they returned from the airport when they were suddenly boxed in by three cars, hijackers, who wanted their luggage.  The hijackers fired many shots but miraculously no one was injured.  Same thing happened at a hotel in Rosebank.  Cars followed people from the airport to the hotel held them at gunpoint and demanded money and valuables.

These are daily occurrences in South Africa and as unbelievable as it may sound, this is what we have become use to.  Not accustomed enough though, we decided that we needed to escape.  In a few more months our house repairs/renovation with be complete ready to be put up for sale.  Next year our son will be home schooled, ready at any moment to exit.  The plan is to leave as soon as the house is sold.  This does not mean we can relax, because anything can happen in this country.  The threats of violence breaking out is real, there are politicians who calls for a white genocide and then there is the reality of expropriation of land without compensation we are facing.  As you may know, the ANC government in coalition with other radical parties voted for an amendment to the constitution regarding private ownership by whites.  If this happens, we will not be able to leave the country.  So yes, we are planning for many outcomes. 

Here you have a first hand view, from the inside, ordinary people looking to find a safety.

Some plans did not work out.  Earlier this year we applied at several schools abroad for scholarship and/or bursaries.  Although schools accepted him, we were unsuccessful with bursary applications.  As heartbreaking as it would have been, we were willing to send our son, on his own, just to be out of danger.  Another option was to send my wife over and finding a job to get him through his schooling on the provision that she finds employment.  This separation meant too much pain for my wife and we both decided that we would stick together.

I am not going to go in too much detail about the circumstances leading to our decision to escape but will rather keep you updated on what is happening.  We will start Patreon and YouTube channels soon for a better visual experience.

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