Concept drawings for Hugh Study

Hugh has been enrolled for home schooling and we need to improve his study area to allow for an enjoyable learning experience.  We need to separate books and computers in two different areas to minimize distractions.  The idea is to still bring in an element of fun.  A child should not be locked down to a desk, he should choose his posture, whether he wishes to lie down and study, propped up on a pillow or sit at a desk. His study environment should offer him a space where he feels respected for what he is about to do and it should be aesthetically pleasing while still “telling” him, “this is his space”.  There should be a place for the dogs to curl up when keeping him company and a sunny window that will link him to the outside world.  Below shows an empty chair while the student is lounged out on a narrow bench, propped up on a pillow, feet and legs halfway under his desk.  Another corner of the room offers the same propping up opportunity facing the other way.  Adjacent, in the area marked “think” he will be able to lift the lid and sink into the recess onto a soft bed of foam mattress material while still being able to prop himself up on a pillow with back support.  Further allowance for drawers, shelves and temporary filing for assignments have been made.  The side view shows this option suspended from the side of the desk.  I would like to source a piece of hide that would act as a folder for his assignments.  Display shelves for his creative toys will emphasize his place of belonging.


Below shows the legs on the one end of the desk.  A simple design with clean lines and neat craftmenship.

Before the wedge fix idea, I contemplated some secret fixes which may become an option if I need to repeat this exercise.

The wedge positions in the sketch below will improve the top by a display of fine woodwork craftsmanship.

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