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We have been putting some serious hours in, working on a few reno projects.  During the holidays we were left with a carcase in most of the rooms in our house.  The kitchen, main bedroom and two bathrooms were bare.  Some additional rooms were added and also left for us to complete.  The starting point was the kitchen where we needed to lay a self leveling screed before we could start.  As a finish we decided to tint and seal the screed. It ended up looking like this.

The kitchen cupboards were next and to save money we re-used the carcases and painted the doors.  I decided I prefered a timber counter top which we sealed with food grade oil from Restins and the cutting board section we oiled using an anti-bacterial oil, also by Restins.

Above are the painted doors which we routered to give the appearance of a tongue and groove finish.

Above shows the cupboards in the food prep section.  Skirtings are not yet installed but on the far end you can see the timber top with the cutting board section.  We took out the drawers and added basket drawers.

The first cut-out was made for the induction hob, adjacent to it a two place gas hob will be installed.  We made this choice due to the regular power failures we have in this country.

Charlotte performed some excellent painting techniques on the front panel to finish that section off.

The eye level oven has been purchased and needs installation but we need to make adjustments.  I complete misjudged the heights and need to lower the microwave oven first to avoid the eye level oven being too high.  We are still awaiting a few more boards to be delivered to finish the broom cupboard and oven unit with doors.  On the front section you can catch a glimpse of the skirting.  To the left of the counter top I need to cut a circular hole for the prep-bowl and an electrician needs to do some connection for us.

The December break was tough but we had some leisure time and on Christmas day we went to the Fat Olive country restaurant.  The prawns at the beach bar was excellent.  Don’t be fooled by the word beach, this is in the highveld and the ocean is miles away.

The main bedroom cupboards are coming along, and Charlotte has taken all the cupboard space for herself.  Mine will be a small hidden away unit fit for a pauper.  Must say she loves the pull out shoe rack and the pull down clothes hanger.  We still need to finish the skirting, cornice and room divider section to form a walk in cupboard.  When it’s all done it will look snazzy.

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