Missed oportunities

A friend told me today that life is like a crochure knit.  Once you stand back you will notice the stitches you have missed.  Now this analogy was given in Afrikaans where a stitch is translated to a “steek” resulting in a double meaning I cannot repeat here.

And so one of the most recent missed opportunities would be the Cape to Rio yacht race.  A crew opportunity existed.  Others were boat deliveries to the Seychelles and much-much more.

Today another opportunity came along: to sail the Southern Ocean to Perth followed by a harbour hop along the Australian Gold coast.  150 days in nature’s pond.  The Southern Ocean to sailors is what Everest is to mountaineers.  An age old anecdote reads: “Beyond 40 degrees south there is no law. Beyond 50 degrees south there is no God.”
— Old sailor’s adage

All we have now is our sights being set, what follows is up to us.


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