2018 Festive Season

I work in an environment where it is festive all year round, from Valentine’s Day to the build up of Christmas Day in December. It is the most convenient place ever … as everything is at one’s fingertips from banks to jewellery. Can you guess where I spend my days at work? Yes, you guessed it … in a shopping mall.

It is happy and vibey and time flies as I am not sitting in a stuffy office out of the way all day and yet, it feels as if the time is drawing nearer to say “cheers”. Cheers to the wonderful people, cheers to all the good weather, cheers to the delicious food, cheers to our home and friends, cheers to our comfort zone and cheers to the not-so-good.

It’s time for change after making Johannesburg our home for more than 12 years. Within the first 4 months, our son had turned 2. The other day he turned 14. Happy memories are revisited when he first climbed the rockery at home, happy memories of having re-located our 2 Boxers and Tom, our cat, happy memories …

It’s time to say “hola” to the new challenges of tomorrow, the excitement yet the uncertainty of travelling and eventually settling our roots in Spain or perhaps Panama or wherever we are meant to be and find ourselves … the world is our oyster.

In my mind, I have already said “adios” but physically we are preparing and packing and my heart could not be happier for the new adventure that lies ahead.

More about our “prep” work, next time.

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