Boat search

We have been slowly looking at a few boats for interim sailing.  Interim being for use around our coast and perhaps a few crossings but not for extended voyaging.  The requirement therefore is to find a boat that can be sold easily, can sleep a couple and son comfortably, autohelm, hand held GPS, dingy, seagoing  and a neat and well looked after boat ready to sail.  Additional nice to haves are wheel steering, solar panels, barbeque, radar and AIS.  Well that is for now, things may change.

The best boats meeting the above requirements are the L34’s, Holiday 34’s and Stadt 34’s and I have let a few good ones slip through.  These boats are often found around South African waters and are very capable yachts.

Below are the two that slipped through.  By the way, did I mention, the budget is tight.

A $25 000 sponsorship would have sort my boat search problems out very effectively because then I could just go for the Bongers 41 I have fallen in love with!

vdstadt holiday


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